Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation (or Instructions For LinkedIn Recommendations).

Recommending someone on LinkedIn is relatively simple, if you know what you are doing. For those who haven't recommended someone before, or who are requesting a recommendation from someone who may not know how to do it, this simple 5-step guide should help you to write a recommendation without too much hassle. Here we go:

1 - Log on to LinkedIn > open recommendee’s profile page > Use dropdown menu from the blue ‘Send a message’ tab (move cursor over small arrow icon to the right of text) > select ‘Recommend.’

2 - Write recommendation. I suggest writing one in a word document before you get to this stage. Make sure the recommendation is clear and to the point and relates to the ‘relationship’ and ‘positions’ selections that you make (your own and the person's who you are recommending).

3 - Remember to detail the positive aspects of your relationship in a way that will really promote your recommendee to a prospective client/employer etc. Use key-words that relate directly to what it is they do and what they did for you.

4 - Make sure to end your recommendation with a strong positive emphasis on why you are recommending that person. 
5 - Send

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