Sunday, June 28, 2015

Up, up and away!

Hey everyone - the website is up and running. Now all I need to do is find some clients. Come and check out the new site and have a look at what we have to offer for small businesses re. online content and graphics. While we are based in New Zealand we do offer our low-cost services internationally (all payments via PayPal).  

The business is officially launching end of July - expressions of interest welcome prior. Essentially, what 3c@gency - Capital Creative Concepts is offering, are low-cost business profiles, SEO-friendly written content for web-sites and low-cost Graphic Design options. (Will have more detailed information shortly closer to launch date).

The approach is thus: every business has a story. What's yours? What inspired you to become your own boss or to start your business? What products/services do you offer and who is your target market? The business profiles will be in the format of an 'advertorial', which is basically a sales pitch for whatever it is your selling. I can write a high-impact profile that you can use as a downloadable PDF from your website etc. You can also use it as a Press Release and as content for your website/blog that will 'funnel' potential clients to your product/service.

If things go well and there is enough interest, I will also have a more involved package consisting of producing an EBook that you can use as both a sales tool and a passive income revenue stream.

Stay tuned for further updates and thanks for your support. If you know anyone that owns a small business, or is about to launch a website etc and needs content and/or low-cost graphic design solutions, please 'invite' them to 'like' the Facebook business page here: 

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